MezzQUOTE 2016

Key features at a glance:

  • Full design and pricing of Single and Multi-tier mezzanine floors.  Many types of floor construction are possible including beam and channel, beam and beam, beam and open web joist etc, together with many floor decking options.
  • Design to British Standard, Eurocode EC3,  AISC  (Allowable Strength Design, US and Metric units)  together with other International Codes.
  • Fully integrated with MultiSTEEL in AutoCAD, and ZWCAD.
  • Full material quantities produced
  • Irregular shaped floors catered for
  • Full structural calculations produced
  • Links to Quotation Builder for instant quotations

MezzQUOTE 2016 is a stand alone program that links to Quotation Builder and MultiSTEEL.

Once the decking dimensions, the number of bays required in each direction and the loadings are entered, the most economical sizes for all of the members are selected taking into account strength and deflection criteria.  The software can automatically select the lowest weight beam and joist combination if required, but the user has full control over member selection as other criteria may be important such as cost and availability.

Floor Parameters Screen

The Floor Parameters Screen

Bays can be added or removed simply by clicking on the floor layout diagram as shown above. Bracing can be added to the required bays in the same way.

Changes to the design data can be carried out at any stage and a completely new design arrived at in seconds. The material required for each design is calculated by length or tonnage as appropriate, and an average weight per square metre of floor is displayed to enable a quick comparison between design alternatives.

The Analyse and Design Screen

The Analyse and Design Screen

Full structural calculations are produced based on the chosen design.  BS 5950, Eurocode EC3, AISC  (Allowable Strength Design, US and Metric units) and a range of other International design codes are provided.

The material list information is updated continuously, and once a design is chosen it is then transferred instantly to Excel for pricing with Quotation Builder.

The Material Summary Screen

The Material Summary Screen

Also the model of the floor structure can be transferred instantly to AutoCAD for preparation of sales drawings and fabrication drawings.  An intelligent drawing is created for either 2D or 3D presentation.  MultiSTEEL then allows the addition of staircases, handrailing, ladders etc from an extensive built-in library which includes 20 different staircase types. For multi-tier floors, MultiSTEEL will generate 2D floor plans, sections and elevations from the 3D model.