MultiSTEEL Mezzanine

Key features at a glance:

  • Structural mezzanine application for AutoCAD and other lower cost CAD systems such as ZWCAD.
  • Fully linked to the MezzQUOTE design and quotation model
  • Designed specifically for mezzanine floor drafting and detailing
  • Super-fast Beam, Joist and Column Detailing with optional output to CNC files
  • Material summaries with export to Excel can be created at any stage
  • Mark numbers assigned automatically to members
  • Bracing calculator and detailer for Cross-Bracing, Strut and Knee Bracing
  • Automatic Plotting sends all your fabrication drawings to the printer (or PDF) in one pass
  • Full Online Video Training including all aspects of Mezzanine drafting/detailing

MultiSTEEL Mezzanine is an AutoCAD structural application that takes the model information from MezzQUOTE and builds a precise 3D floor model in AutoCAD (or ZWCAD).

Mezzanine created directly from MezzoQUOTE

Mezzanine created directly from MezzQUOTE

This can be used for quickly preparing sales drawings, but its main function is in producing the layout plans, and detailed fabrication drawings for all members in the floor.

Single-tier L-shaped floor

Single-tier L-shaped floor

MultiSTEEL Mezzanine operates in the AutoCAD environment and provides full drafting and detailing functionality for all types of mezzanine floors and ancilliary structures such as stairs, handrailing, etc.

With over ten years development and continuous enhancement, MultiSTEEL allows drawings to be created with a speed and fluency that is simply impossible to achieve with standard AutoCAD.

Beam fabrication drawing

Beam fabrication drawing

Bracing drawing

Bracing drawing

Many alternative styles of detailing are possible.

Whether producing sales drawings, working drawings, details or as-built drawings, MultiSTEEL provides a totally flexible solution.

MultiSTEEL Mezzanine when combined with MezzQUOTE, allows flooring proposals to be developed quickly and easily from survey data, enabling the most suitable configuration and associated costings to be arrived at as quickly as possible.

Full summaries of all materials required can be generated off the layout drawings.

Detail drawings can be created automatically with minimal further drafting work.