Quotation Builder

Key features at a glance:

  • Data transferred directly from MezzQUOTE to Excel for instant pricing
  • Special templates price items in the costing summary automatically
  • User specified pricing database
  • Fully customisable and suitable for all currencies, steel suppliers etc.
  • Quotation Document completed automatically
  • All currencies supported

Once the design and material quantities are finalised in MezzQUOTE, this data is transferred to a special Excel template which automatically matches the items against price data maintained by the user in a separate Excel workbook.

The structure of this template can be customised easily within Excel to suit your company’s preferred way of costing individual items. Similarly the final quotation document takes all of the floor parameters and the final total price information and lays it out in the user’s preferred style for presentation to the client.  This two stage pricing and quotation process we refer to as Quotation Builder.

Costing Summary

Costing Summary

The system can include miscellaneous items not designed in MezzQUOTE, such as suspended ceilings, electrical, fire protection etc, and all manufacturing costs such as fabrication, shot blasting and painting of steelwork.

A sample Quotation Document is provided as a template which can be fully customised to the user’s currency, units and style.  This is fully populated with quote information, quantities and costs from the Costing Summary above, without the need to transfer items manually.