Worked Example No 1: Small Office Mezzanine – Design and Detailing with MultiSUITE Mezzanine (BS5950/EC3 -Metric)

This series of videos shows how MezzQUOTE and MultiSTEEL (in AutoCAD) can be used together to quickly create a fully designed and detailed office mezzanine.
It shows how to arrive at the accurate design dimensions for the floor based on the survey information, enter these into MezzQUOTE to arrive at member sizes with calculations, then export the floor back to AutoCAD to automatically create the floor.  The fabrication drawings are then created for all the structural members.

A.  Floor Geometry, Setting Out and Type of Construction                              (6:30)

Eg_1_Image_1(Download this CAD Drawing: SMALL _OFFICE_MEZZANINE_EG1.DWG)

B.  Entering floor details into MezzQUOTE software                                           (4:30)


C.  Designing the Floor in MezzQUOTE                                                                    (9:00)


D.  Exporting the Floor to AutoCAD                                                                          (5:00)


E.  Importing the Floor and creating the floor layout                                         (8:30)


F.  Editing the floor and creating Material Summaries                                      (6:00)


G.  Creating Fabrication Drawings                                                                         (11:00)