MezzQUOTE in Detail (NEW) BS5950/Eurocode – Metric

If you have been through the “Introduction to MezzQUOTE” videos, these will explain the various parts of the software in more detail.

Floor Parameters tab  (9:00)

Set up your overall floor dimensions, floor height and bracing positions if present.
Adjust your bay sizes and remove any unwanted bays.


Member Parameters  (11:00)

Set up deflection limits, bracing types, decking, and other important design parameters.


Analyse and Design tab  (12:00)

Quickly select your beam, column, and joist sizes using the lightning buttons, and see the cost of materials instantly updated.


Detailer tab  (6:30)

Set Baseplate and Top Plate sizes – Inner, Outer, or ALL.  Joist Cutback and End Gap.


Export tab  (4:30)

Create an export file to send your model into CAD and create an instant intelligent drawing for either sales or detailing.


Report tab and Material List and Cutting List  (5:30)

CTRL – A to select all items, right click Copy (or CTRL – C)  to copy to clipboard, for transfer to Excel.


Floor Editor tab 1        (8:30)

Offset Columns, Point Loads, Baseplates, and resizing members that fail after editing the layout.


Floor Editor tab 2         (9:30)

CTRL to select all members in a bays, SHIFT to select a range of members either joists or beams.
Changing Joist spacing in one bay – CTRL – pick in the bay, then JS button.
JR – Joist remove, JA – Joist Add commands.