Welcome to MultiSUITE Mezzanine

At MultiSUITE Software we have been supplying software to the mezzanine floor industry for over 15 years and have recently enhanced our range of products with the MezzQUOTE and Quotation Builder systems so that we now offer a truly integrated mezzanine floor calculation, pricing and detailing solution.

The system can operate to many different design standards including BS, AISC, and Eurocode EC3, and both Metric and Imperial unit systems can be used.  All international sections are held within the software for both hot rolled and cold formed sections.

All construction methods can be accommodated for both single tier and multi-tier floors.

Just click on the image below to take a Quick Tour of our software.

This web site will provide an overview of the software but to fully appreciate what it can do we recommend that you see it in action.  We can arrange a live demonstration via the internet where we take you through an actual mezzanine floor design and calculation project from start to finish.

Our brochure and the other pages on this site give full details of the software but briefly it consists of three main modules:-

MezzQUOTE 2016

MezzQUOTE 2016 is the most advanced system available for designing, pricing, drafting and detailing all types of single tier and multi tier mezzanines.

NEW FEATURES for 2016 include:

  • More flexible grid layouts.  Columns can be moved off grid and sections of floor removed for staircases, voids etc.
  • Beams, columns and joists can be designed individually or as groups simply by selecting them on the graphical floor layout. Full AISC ASD design in Imperial or Metric units.  BS5950 and Eurocode EC3 fully supported.
  • Point loads can be applied anywhere on the primary beams and the design checked instantly.
  • Cutting lists for all main steel and plates are now provided.
  • As you design your mezzanine and make changes to optimise your design, the new
    INSTANT PRICE feature will display and instantly update the current price of the floor.
  • Our detailing system works on AutoCAD and ZWCAD and interfaces to Revit, Solidworks, and SketchUp are available.
  • Important design values such as column loads, beam reactions, column moments and bearing pressures under baseplates, can all be displayed graphically.
  • Full design calculations are produced including full summaries for all members.


Quotation Builder

For automatically producing quotations using the data generated by MezzoQUOTE.  Quotation Builder takes the material quantities from MezzoQUOTE and prices them automatically from built-in pricing data configured by the user.

MultiSTEEL Mezzanine

An AutoCAD structural application that takes the model information from MezzQUOTE and builds a precise 3D model in AutoCAD. This can be used for quickly preparing sales drawings such as 3D presentations, but its main function is in producing the layouts and detailed fabrication drawings.
MultiSTEEL Mezzanine operates in the AutoCAD environment and provides full drafting and detailing functionality for all types of mezzanine floors and ancilliary items such as stairs, handrailing, etc.
Because it is fully integrated with MezzoQUOTE the time required to produce layouts and detail fabrication drawings is drastically reduced.